What’s your opinion on body weight and image?

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Fred DeVito

Its great to see a woman with influence, such as Heidi Klum, giving advice about body weight and image.


In this article, she warns women about getting too thin and I wholeheartedly agree.


When our focus becomes obsessed with being skinny, we lose perspective on what is a healthy weight and life style.


Society doesn’t make it any easier with waif- thin models adorning the covers and exercise teachers screaming at you that you will never fit into those skin tight jeans unless you do 20 more plies at the bar!


I am all about holistic health which includes being at a healthy weight, low body fat percentage, reduced stress levels and a balanced life style.


The glow of a woman with these characteristics is far more appealing than a stressed out, skinny,  low calorie, exercised obsessed one any day, any time.


What’s your opinion on body weight and image?


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