Want to get the most out of your waxing? Start when you’d least expect it!

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Di Metlock

By Di Medlock
Autumn is a beautiful time of year.  The vivid colors of the changing leaves and sudden dip in temperature inspire many things… hair removal is not one of them.  Summer is commonly regarded as the high season for flawless bikini lines and silky smooth legs.  The frequency of swimsuit time spent over long beach weekends and lazy days at the pool make it stressful to grow your hair out to the  ¼” to ½” of required length.  The sun, sand, sweat and heat can also put a damper on your day causing sensitivity, irritation or ingrown hairs.   Overall the season can be very challenging for a first time waxer.  Thankfully there is a better option.
What makes the fall the perfect time to settle into a waxing system?  EVERYTHING!
The cooler months allow us more wiggle room in the re-growth department.  It’s easier to allow the hair to grow between spa visits when you aren’t in a bikini every day.  This general wrapping up also reduces exposure to contraindicated conditions, greatly decreasing the likelihood of irritation.
With vacations behind us and school/work setting a more structured schedule, appointments are more easily booked and kept. For the best results waxing should be set between 4 and 6 weeks apart.   The more consistent you are the faster you’ll see results.  Hair will typically become lighter and thinner with frequent removal, causing less of the unwanted hair in the area treated.
So with the right timing and a little dedication you could be sitting pretty by spring break.
Di Medlock: Director of Waxing