Do These Super-Effective No-Equipment HIIT Moves For the Perfect At Home Workout

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hiit workout

Keep up your fitness routine during your holiday travels with this no-equipment HIIT workout from Exhale’s Director of Mind Body Innovation and Talent, and ultimate HIIT class creator, Bergen Wheeler.

The Workout:
5 exercises
45 seconds for each
10 second rest between exercises
3 rounds


  1. Burpees: squat, place hands on floor, shift your weight, jump back, jump forward, arms up, jump up, repeat
  2. Side Lunge Hop, Alternating Sides: stand tall, step one foot out nice and wide into lunge, feet back together, then jump up towards the ceiling
  3. Push-ups with four mountain climbers in between
  4. Squat Jumps: feet jump together and out to squat
  5. Abdominal V-ups: lay flat on your back, then sit up to V position with your legs straight