Floating Meditation

Tune it out and rise above it all.

In this 30-minute guided meditation you’ll float weightlessly in silk hammocks as you focus on your body and breath before moving through calming restorative poses. Reduce stress, think clearer, and improve your overall wellbeing. This is meditation — elevated.

Available exclusively at Exhale Chicago

*Offer expires April 30, 2019 

Floating Meditation in Chicago


What should I wear?
Comfortable workout attire is recommended. Socks are required. Jewelry that will snag the silks should be left at home.

What if I’m sensitive to motion?
Rocking is an option, but if you’re sensitive to motion you can opt out.

What happens if I fall asleep?
Due to the swaddling-like nature of this experience you may fall asleep. However, we encourage you to stay awake in order to experience the full benefits. Sitting in an upright position is an option.

Who is this class for?
Floating meditation is open to all level; no experience is necessary. Weight limit is 350lbs.

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