Exhale’s Barre Certification training is broken up into two 20-hour modules. Each module is held over three days at an exhale property around the country. (Did we mention you’ll get free classes during the dates of your training?)

Module 1 (20-hours)

Let’s dive in, grippy socks first! We’ll talk about the principles and foundations that keep over 50,000 participants sweating, strengthening and lengthening at our barre each month. You’ll learn to:

- Give cues and properly set up positions
-Create progressive exercise sequences
-Format a 60-minute class
-Mesh movement with music and pick out the best tunes for your class

And, since practice makes perfect, you’ll split into groups and laugh your way through teaching (maybe even for the first time!) with your fellow classmates. It’s a no-pressure, thigh-burning good time.

View our schedule of upcoming trainings here.

Module 2 (20-hours)

Grab a partner, stretch them out. In Module 2 you’ll:

-Start practicing hands on adjustments
-Learn assisted stretching techniques
-Study modifications for injuries and pregnancy
-Get an overview of muscular anatomy and kinesthesiology (the study of movement, muscles and joints)

It’s the information you’ll need to answer FAQs from your students, keep their joints healthy, and help you feel well informed in the classroom. After all, barre-knowledge is barre-power!

View our schedule of upcoming trainings here.

Continue your barre education with CECs

We are committed to setting high standards of excellence for our teachers and graduates to assure the public that all Barre Certified by exhale graduates are well-informed, well-equipped, and innovative teachers. We can only do this by requiring Continuing Education Credits. 

View our schedule of upcoming CECs here.

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