"The best teacher training I’ve ever attended. Lis, Fred & Barbara were very encouraging and resourceful in explaining and demonstrating the basics of the barre movements. Love it."

 "Thank you for inspiring weekend. You are outstanding and it was extremely informative and the people were awesome."

 "Wonderful program to educate and tweek my teaching skills. Couldn’t have been more informative or fun."

 "This was a great experience. I am inspired and cannot wait to get out there to help students change their bodies and lives."

 "Fantastic training and will recommend this to all my friends."

"The 40 hr. barre teacher training program was an amazing experience. The amount of time spent with the group by Fred Lis and Barbara was unbelievable. Their passion for the method is simply evident and their energy is truly felt. True professionals."

"Truly an experience working with Fred, Lis and Barbara. I have taken many certifications  and none were ever presented with such care, passion, knowledge & love. I honestly gained so much in this training. Beyond the learning also a great growth experience personally as well as meeting amazing inspiring teachers."

"Having taught Pilates and yoga for a number of years I been through many different teacher training and continuing education workshops. This training was truly a cut above the rest. I am leaving inspired and so deeply grateful for the love and passion. It was pure and powerful."

"I am so much stronger and wiser with my mind and body. The connection and inspiration. Fred and Lis have provided an amazing training. I feel lucky and blessed to have them as my teachers and I would recommend the training program to anyone seeking a better understanding of their mind and body."

"The training was not only informative for me as a yoga teacher of 5 years but it also helped me looked at things differently. It was great to get out of my comfort zone."

"This was great. Not only was it informative but it was professionally managed. The teaching passion was infectious and it was the best education I ever had. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to learn safe and effective exercise program to improve overall quality of life."

"Thank you is all I can say. Life changing it is. It is the only exercise program I have seen immediate results. After just 4 classes my husband noticed I had definition in my muscles."

"The 40 hour barre teacher training at exhale was enlightening to say the least. Fred and Lis bring a wealth of knowledge, energy and professionalism to their students. They are encouraging one to teach rather then instruct and that’s what sets them apart."