Ready for an overhaul?

Redefine your entire approach to wellbeing with exhale’s Six Week Core Evolution, a program designed to change the way you live and feel. Unlimited Core Fusion and yoga classes meet weekly nutrition and wellness coaching sessions to challenge and transform your body. Exclusive spa and boutique discounts help you restore throughout. Get ready to meet a whole new you.

The 6-week program includes:

  • Unlimited Core Fusion and yoga classes (we recommend three-to-four classes per week to maximize your results!)
  • A 60-minute kick-off session with an exhale Nutrition and Wellness Coach, in which you’ll review your existing eating habits, hear recommendations, and strategize improvements
  • Weekly 30-minute follow-up nutrition sessions
  • A standing 20% spa therapy discount, to help restore your body from the physical challenge of the fitness classes
  • A standing 10% wellbeing boutique discount — stock up on new workout gear to help you stay motivated!


For more information or to get started, contact your nearest exhale location here.