Achieve your goals with the help of an exhale nutrition professional

Exhale’s Nutrition and Wellness Coaching program partners you with an experienced nutritionist who will listen, teach, and support you in your journey to better health. All of exhale’s Nutrition and Wellness Coaches are registered dietitians or certified nutritionists, or hold advanced degrees in nutrition. 


Together, you and your Nutrition + Wellness Coach will:

  • Create awareness around your current habits and classify areas of improvement
  • Identify specific, measurable goals and methods to help track your progress  
  • Build individualized meal plans and options based on your unique schedule and lifestyle
  • Integrate the information from your sessions into a daily practice to create long-term, sustainable results


Expect consistent guidance and support from your Nutrition + Wellness Coach in the form of:

Lifestyle management. Your Nutrition + Wellness Coach will help guide you in managing your unique lifestyle by providing you with methods for organization, tracking, and planning meals. Your coach will equip you with the necessary tools to best manage the food environment that surrounds you, allowing you to stay on track and achieve your goals. Recipes and easy meal preparation tips will be discussed.


Detox and/or specific diet navigation

Learn how to safely and effectively navigate through a detox or special diet. Our Nutrition and Wellness Coaches are familiar with branded detox systems, cleanse programs, and a myriad of diets including vegan, vegetarian, celiac, and diabetic regimes. Your coach can provide you with the knowledge and support to get the most out of your program.


Support though all stages of the lifecycle

Your needs are constantly changing as you age. Many of our guests move through challenging transitions — from college to career, pre-natal to post-natal, active to less active — and their nutritional needs transition as well. A Nutrition and Wellness Coach will assist you in managing your personal transition and optimizing your current health by providing you with evidenced-based recommendations on proper diet and possible supplements.


Sports nutrition

Get the most from your exercise and fitness routine by giving your body what it needs for proper fueling and recovery. Your Nutrition and Wellness Coach will make dietary adjustments and recommendations that allow you to recognize superior cardiovascular, muscle, and bone health. Your coach can assist and guide you as you prepare for a specific event, such as marathon or triathlon, to ensure your diet supports your training.


For more information or to get started, contact your nearest exhale location here.