Exhale is a wellbeing destination — through a balanced combination of results-oriented spa therapies (massages, facials, acupuncture, nails, waxing) and high-quality fitness classes (barre, cardio, yoga, HIIT), we’ve provided the answer to a stronger, healthier, better version of you. We’re more than a spa or fitness club — we’re wellbeing, healing, and fitness for life. 

Exhale offers a full suite of award-winning boutique fitness classes carefully selected to help you lengthen, strengthen, balance, sweat, recover — and get results. Because in one day, you can practice yoga, tone it up at the barre, sweat it out in a cardio class, then recover with a chill class. Class after class, our community of wellbeing devotees walk away stronger, more flexible, more balanced — every time they exhale. Our variety of boutique fitness programs boosts transformation because it’s always changing, always evolving, and keeps the exhale community coming back for more.

Our results-oriented, expertly selected menu of spa therapies completes the exhale wellbeing experience. At the root of all massage, facial, acupuncture, and beauty therapies is a therapeutic and healing focus — to pave the way to total mind and body transformation.