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Strengthen, lengthen, and find your core

Core Fusion Barre

Expertly created by the leaders in the barre industry, this award winning class will transform your body and balance your mind. Move from the barre to the mat leaving no muscle untouched in this full body workout designed to strengthen, lengthen, and tone in all the right places.
*Also available in Basic (for beginners) and Advanced (we suggest you take at least 10 Core Fusion Barre classes).

Core Fusion Barre Express

We cut the time but not the results! This 45-minute class incorporates the most essential elements of our Core Fusion Barre class, raising the barre on a quickie workout.

Core Fusion Barre+Cardio

The best of both worlds, this sweaty split contains 30 minutes of cardio-centric punches, twists, and mountain climbers on the mat, before toning your thighs and glutes at the barre.