Strengthen, lengthen, and find your core


Developed by “the world’s foremost living barre experts” (source: Huffington Post), exhale’s barre class is a full-body workout with light weights, planks, pushups, thigh strengthening exercises and ab work paired with ballet-inspired moves to sculpt the arms, lean the legs, chisel the abs and lift the butt. (Socks required.)

Here's what to expect from Barre:
• A challenging, full-body barre workout
• Dynamic, invigorating programming
• Light weights for upper body training
• Planks, push-ups, squats, and core exercises
• Sculpted abs and legs, improved posture, and decreased stress.

If you're worried that your ballet skills aren't up to par for barre, fear not; no artistic dance moves are required. All you need is a pair of grippy socks — we already brought the barre.

If you're new to the world of barre, we break down the basics in our Basic Barre classes. For serious barre buffs, we also offer Advanced Barre classes


Ready to up the sweat factor? The best of both worlds, this class blends everything you already know about barre with toning cardio intervals. You’ll spend half the session building heat and torching calories with a fast-paced cardio section, then head to the barre to tone your thighs, glutes, and core.

Here's what to expect from Barre+Cardio:
• A high-energy, full-body cardio + barre workout
• Boxing punches, twists, jumps and mountain climbers
• Cardio intervals to torch calories
• High-energy, sweaty, full-body workout
• The strongest core you’ve ever had
• Toned arms and thighs, flattened abs, lifted glutes, and reduced stress

This class will get your blood pumping — not only will it tone your body at the barre, it will improve your energy levels and increase your heart rate with cardio intervals, all in one class. Don't forget your sneakers!


Balance barre moves for your upper body, thighs, and glutes with athletic, core-centric yoga warrior sequences for your flexibility, balance, and energy. We'll incorporate light hand weights to tone and strengthen your upper body, and fire up your core with seated yoga poses and a strong core ab section. End the hour with a mindful moment in Savasana.

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