Train efficiently, lose yourself in the rhythm, and get results


8 stations. 1-minute intervals. 5-second transitions. This is high-intensity interval training — the revolutionary and famously effective training method to advance your metabolism, heighten your energy, and keep you burning calories all day long. Amplify your fitness using props like TRX, weights, and cutting-edge Step360 technology designed to improve your body’s balance and stability. Go all-out with high-intensity intervals, then mix in mindful moments of active recovery. Pace yourself, breathe, and tune everything else out. Embrace the challenge and leave changed.


Don’t hold back. This exhilarating, high-intensity interval training class is just 30 minutes of non-stop movement. For maximum efficiency, it’s all done in one place: on your mat. Fire it up with high-intensity intervals using weights, core balls, and your own body weight. Tone and strengthen as you sweat with scalable, full-body exercises proven to bring your fitness to a maximum. Get lost in the moment and come out stronger. *Sneakers required.

Cardio Blast

We’ve redefined Cardio training. This 45-minute, non-stop workout will keep your mind engaged — and give you real results. It’s toning and endurance using the ultimate combination: cardio intervals to break a sweat. Kick-boxing moves to tone and strengthen. Bonus: the playlist is insanely motivating. You’ll leave with an endorphin-high, a healthier body, and a new favorite song. (Sneakers required.)


Break a sweat, pulse deeper, and burn more. All in one intense, efficient, barre-meets-cardio hour. Spend half the class on your mat with hand weights as you move through rapid cardio intervals. Then hit the barre for muscle-defining micro-moves. You’ll end the hour feeling accomplished and ready to take on anything. (Sneakers optional.)


A cut above your average indoor cycling workout. Push past your limits. Conquer hills, jumps and sprints. Lose yourself in the rhythm of our expertly curated playlists. Breathe, sweat, and experience a breakthrough — all on a bike. It’s a fun, sweaty ride, focused on rhythm so you forget how hard you're working! The end result? An endorphin-filled high for the rest of the day.