Heart-pumping, fat-burning, body-sculpting


Our high intensity interval training (HIIT) class will move you through 5 power stations including TRX, weights, gliders, plyo-boxes, and core balls. Short active recovery breaks in between will keep your heart rate high and the quality of your workout at a maximum. The sequences change every month, so the workout — and the challenge — stays fresh. (Sneakers required.)


Short on time? Need a one-stop workout in 30 minutes? Exhale's newest class, HIIT 30, is your answer. It’s 25 straight minutes of nonstop, high-intensity movement, with an ab series at the end. Much like our HIIT class, you’ll use props and intervals, but it’s all done in one place — on your mat. The scalable, full-body, functional exercises constantly change so your body never gets bored, and the 50-second intervals keep your heart rate pumping. Expect to leave feeling stronger and accomplished. You won't believe what you can get done in 30 minutes.
*Sneakers required.


Get ready to sweat in this 45-minute, barre-less cardio class. Using your body weight and light hand weights, you'll move through a series of fast-paced cardio intervals with kickboxing, box lunges, jumps, and nonstop movement to help you reach a maximum burn and increase endurance and agility. The class sequences change often so you never get bored and the challenge stays fresh. (Sneakers required.)


The best of both worlds, this guaranteed-to-make-you-sweat session spends half its time on cardio-centric exercises like punches, twists, and mountain climbers before moving to the barre to tone your thighs, glutes and core. It’s a high-energy, sweaty, full-body workout! (Sneakers optional.)


This barre-less class is all about strength building and plyometric exercises. You’ll use a weighted core ball and resistance bands for most of the hour, incorporating athletic, strength-building exercises as we take you through another amazing class targeted at energizing your body, mind and core. (Sneakers optional.)

Boot Camp

This high-intensity hour builds serious core with moves that include jump-backs, mountain climbers, twists, athletic yoga sequences, and core exercises. You’ll build strength, increase stamina, and get your heart rate pumping in this barre-less, fast-paced, no-nonsense workout.


Exhale turned a regular cycle class into a results-oriented, balanced workout to keep you centered. Push past your limits on the bike as you conquer hills, jumps and sprints on this endorphin-filled journey. The ride ends with soothing stretches to optimize your training.