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Heart-pumping, fat-burning, body-sculpting

Core Fusion Extreme (CFX)

Grab a towel. In this HIIT class you’ll move through five power stations (TRX, weights, gliders, plyo-box, and core balls) with mini active breaks in-between. The routine changes monthly so the workout — and the challenge — stays fresh.

Core Fusion Cardio

Grab your sneaks and get ready to sweat. This 45-minute class gets you moving on the mat with kickboxing + plyometric moves, high-intensity intervals, and expertly created playlists to get your heart pumping! The variations change so your body never gets bored. Sneakers required.

Core Fusion Barre+Cardio

The best of both worlds, this sweaty split contains 30 minutes of cardio-centric punches, twists, and mountain climbers on the mat, before toning your thighs and glutes at the barre.

Core Fusion Sport

This class is all about strength building and plyometric exercises. You’ll use a weighted core ball and resistance bands for most of the hour, incorporating moves from all your favorite sports…without the field.

Core Fusion Boot Camp

Utilizing a hybrid of body-changing moves found in our other signature classes like jump-backs, mountain climbers, twists, athletic yoga sequences, and squats — this high intensity hour will leave you feeling (and loving) the burn.

Core Cycling

We’ve turned a regular spin class into a total body workout. After you get that sweat you love on the bike, you’ll move to the mat for upper body and core strengthening moves.