• I’m new to Barre, can I still enroll?

    Yes. This certification program is open to all levels of fitness and expertise. 

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    Yes. You must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Does this mean I can teach at exhale?

    That is not a given or a guarantee but it is a possibility depending on how well you perform in the Barre Teacher Training Course. If you are interested in pursuing a Barre teaching career at exhale you can request an audition.

  • Can I open my own studio and teach Core Fusion once I complete? Or can’t I?

    You may open your own studio (geographic restrictions apply) but you will not be able to call the class Core Fusion. For marketing purposes, you are allowed to reference that you are “Barre Certified by exhale.”

  • How does this differ from Core Fusion Teacher Training?

    For more information on our Core Fusion Teacher Training, please visit: www.exhalespa.com/teacher-trainings/core-fusion

  • For how long is my certification valid?

    Your certification is valid for 2 years with a renewal option through Continuing Education Courses.

  • I’m barre certified. Now what?

    You can teach a barre class at any place where there is an opportunity for you to teach and abiding by the geographic restrictions (5 miles radius around an exhale studio that teaches Core Fusion Barre classes).

  • I don’t want to become certified; I just want to deepen my practice and understanding. Is this program still for me?

    Yes, as a student of the barre class, you will deepen your knowledge and improve your practice. If you pass the course, you will be "barre certified by exhale" in the event that you change your mind and opt to pursue a career in teaching.

  • Will I automatically be certified upon completion? Or do I need to take a test of sorts?

    There are three ways to get certified and all options require a passing score from the Barre Certification exam:

    1. Train + Test
    2. Study + Test
    3. Test Only

    For more information, click here.


  • Will I be affiliated with exhale?

    Your only official affiliation with exhale is to say that you are "Barre Certified by exhale."

  • What if I can’t do modules 1 + 2 in the same training?

    We recommend doing the modules in the same training because the material from the first module is fresh in your mind when you take module 2. You can, however split up the modules and do them separately.

  • Are travel and accommodation included?

    Travel and accommodations are not included.

  • Who is training me?

    We have an experienced team of master teachers who have been trained under the leadership of Core Fusion Co-founders, Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp. All of our master teachers have worked with Fred and Elisabeth for the minimum requirement of 10 years. To get to know our teacher trainers, click here

  • How is this certification different from other barre certifications?

    This training is likely double the amount of hours than most other barre studios who offer this type of training. You will learn how to teach a barre class, not just instruct from a memorized script and choreography.

  • Who is the ideal candidate for this program?

    Anyone who has a desire to further their knowledge of the barre class technique.

View our schedule and sign up for Barre Teacher Training here. For questions email barretraining@exhalespa.com.